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    It’s been so many years in which I’ve asked myself so many times: what happened to Haku? Did he and Chihiro ever met again? and that’s why I rewatched the movie, to find an answer and now I don’t want anything anymore.

  3. catchfools:

    I saw a tumblr post with this comic yesterday. It was in horrible quality but  looked kinda cute so I went to see if I could find the source somewhere, I only found the horrible quality version on danbooru here. There are seven strips in total.

    I made a shitty attempt to translate only the first two strips because the next one is absolutely unreadable. Seriously, even these first two were a nightmare. 

    So it would be cool if someone knows the original source of this comic.


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  4. Menstruation

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    Here’s yet another reason we must all get together and take a field trip to Japan: They have Bunny Cafés.

    Called “usagi cafe” (うさぎカフェ), the furry establishments have been around for a few years now and really started to take off in 2012.

    Some of these cafés are really pet shops that also serve coffee and appropriately kawaii treats, some keep the bunny-handling area completely separate from the café, and others are exactly what the name implies: a coffee shop that allows you to sit and pet bunnies to your heart’s content.

    We love the idea of stressed out Japanese students and office workers heading into a bunny café for relief from the pressures of life. In fact, we can’t think of a situation where petting a soft little bun wouldn’t help at least a little bit.

    Visit Kotaku for many more photos. We’ll meet you at the airport.

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